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Cream-Colored Funeral Flowers

Cream and mixed creme flowers can be arranged into traditional funeral bouquets ranging from casket sprays that lay elegantly atop closed caskets to funeral easel standing sprays.


Cream colored flowers suitable for the funeral of a close relative

If you're not sure what hue your recently deceased loved one enjoyed the most, it may be smart to stick with neutral shades for the flower bouquets. Colors like cream and mixed creme flowers can be suitable for this type of occasion as they are soft and simple, while still being classic and appropriate. Plus, the light and airy hue can work to honor both men and women, so it can be perfect for your recently deceased family member. The mellow tones associated with cream and creme can also enhance the space and offer a sense of tranquility or peace that can help mourners cope with the loss of their friend or relative. Blossoms can also be crafted into lovely and more personal funeral wreaths in shapes like a heart or even a flower cross to represent the deceased's religion.

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